Sustainable Development - What's it all about?

Nov 05 • Simon Corbell

what is sustainable devlopment

Meeting the needs of the current generation to live a productive, safe and fulfilling life while not compromising the ability of future generations to do the same is what sustainable development is all about.


Sustainable development focuses on all aspects of a community’s needs, economic, environmental and social.
 It seeks to find a smarter way ( just like the Transcendence platform, but more of this later) to do things that allows future generations to live as well and as productively as we do in this generation. The principles were first adopted at the landmark United Nations Rio Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 and have become widely accepted principles for improving how resources are used, shared and preserved by communities, governments and business.


In 2015 the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, 17 key actions on how to achieve sustainable development globally, including eliminating poverty, providing clean air and water, taking climate action and creating jobs and economic growth. Sustainable development is often thought of just in environmental terms, a way of ensuring that natural resources and systems are protected and maintained for the benefit of future generations, clean air and water, functioning ecosystems and a safe climate to name a few. Yet sustainable development is also about economic and social sustainability.


Making sure that our financial and economic systems work well, honestly, efficiently and equitably. That communities are well connected, have access to good health education and justice systems, live in well governed and managed urban environments and have access to economic opportunities are also key reasons why sustainable development matters. The Transcendence Network has been established as a platform to drive sustainable development in a completely new and innovative way. By allowing multiple participants to come together to build, invest and share in the benefits of sustainable infrastructure, such as renewable energy projects, Transcendence seeks to accelerate our societies transition to the outcomes set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.


Let’s check out two of those goals in particular. Affordable and Clean Energyand Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure ( Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 9) . These two goals perfectly align with the Transcendence network mission. We know that new renewable energy technologies, paired with using energy more efficiently, have the capacity to deliver 94% of the carbon reductions needed to meet the Paris Climate Agreements targets for the global energy sector.


By promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation through its Blockchain technology and the creation of a new cryptocurrency to enable benefit sharing across participants, Transcendence is working to deliver the outcomes set out in these goals. Unlike other ICO offerings which are solely trading energy, the focus is on sustainable infrastructure development and benefit sharing, and about providing a new way to help us achieve this sustainable future.

When the global community first started talking about sustainable development over 30 years ago the technologies needed to help make it a reality were still in their infancy.

Today sustainable infrastructure development, like clean energy technologies, are delivering the lowest cost and cleanest form of energy now available for our society.
Using innovative new platforms to develop these assets, and let everyone share in the benefits, is what Transcendence is all about.


Simon Corbell is Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Advisor for Transcendence Network.

Sustainable Development

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