Investing in Solar Energy

Nov 21 • Nicky Redl

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Interview with Transcendence CEO, Qiao Han

Nov 19 • Nicky Redl

Journalist, Nicky Redl, sits down with Transcendence CEO, Qiao Han, to discuss the role blockchain technology will play in future renewable energy...

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How Blockchain Technology Will Be Utilized in the Construction Industry

Nov 09 • Nicky Redl

The construction industry is one often considered much in need of innovation and disruption, with many experts criticizing it for being slow to embrace...

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Master Building New Communities Through Blockchain Technology

Nov 08 • Nicky Redl

Looking throughout history, community development both from an immediate construction standpoint as well as a long-term, societal standpoint has always...

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Blockchain's Role in Infrastructure Investment

Nov 07 • Qiao Han

While it is true that much of the excitement surrounding blockchain technology has been generated by the financial service industry along with a few...

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Renewable Energy - Creating Jobs for Local Communities

Nov 06 • Simon Corbell

Clean, green energy is now transforming the global economy. Large scale solar and wind energy generation are increasingly delivering the cheapest new...

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Sustainable Development - What's it all about?

Nov 05 • Simon Corbell

Meeting the needs of the current generation to live a productive, safe and fulfilling life while not compromising the ability of future generations to...

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Understanding Sustainable Transportation

Nov 02 • Nicky Redl

It is Monday morning and you are in your car, crawling through slow-moving traffic. Your mind wanders and you imagine living in a green little country...

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Let's talk about Sustainable Agriculture

Nov 02 • Nicky Redl

When asked where our groceries come from, most of us might as well say they grow on shelves. We do little more than pay for them at the checkout....

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The History of Hydro Power

Oct 31 • Nicky Redl

Who doesn’t like a hot shower in the morning, a steaming cup of coffee to get you going, or a cold beer after work – it’s those little pleasures that...

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